We’re striving to address the

affordable housing crisis, that’s where

ModernHome comes in.


ModernHome is Boutique Modern’s accredited and highly sustainable build system – Adaptable to any design, this powerful build system maintains affordability and delivers infinite design flexibility.

We work with architects to deliver beautiful homes. Designed with flexibility and the needs of any end-user as the main priority. ModernHome provides flexible solutions to large and small-scale developments from 5 – 500 homes.




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The Boutique Modern build system has been engineered over the course of more than 150 projects, each time being tweaked and refined to improve overall performance – our main areas of focus to achieve this are maximising air-tightness, using super-high insulation materials in walls, floors and ceilings and maximising solar gain through large windows and shading. This means we’re able to focus on the practical application of the mechanical and electrical strategy of each individual project to ensure each home’s performance is optimised or can easily be increased in the future.

External finishes are completely flexible to fit existing planning permission or a local vernacular. The ModernHome can blend into its surroundings or make a bold statement. It is ModernHome’s adaptability that makes it unique. 

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With safety and security as the highest priority, the ModernHome system delivers seriously high performance and directly reduce consumed energy and running costs. 

Fully adaptable exteriors allow buildings to make a bold statement or blend into their surroundings, whilst cleverly designed interior spaces ensure maximum flexibility for individual and family residents.

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The next generation of affordable housing, with energy performance, flexibility and security built in as standard. Our homes provide light, bright and beautiful living spaces and deliver the needs of our clients and partner architects.

With hundreds of configuration options to fit any street scene and exterior options to make a bold statement or blend in with the street scene.


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