We’re dedicated to creating
community wealth, making a
positive difference
to our customers,
workers, stakeholders, and the planet.

Commitments &

To help us acheive our goals of everyone having access
to quality, affordable homes, we have made four
significant pledges that we’re consistently & actively
working on on a daily basis.
We know it’s going to be tough, but by having these
commitments & pledges in place, we can work towards
the common goal of making a positive difference,
creating new opportunities & improving people’s lives.

We pledge to be
Carbon Neutral across
our organisation
by 2025.

We pledge to build
1,500 great new
homes across the
South of England.

We pledge to
generate in excess
of 500 employment

We pledge to save
a total of over 1.5m
kWh of consumed

We pledge to
reduce material waste
from the factory to
below 3%.

carbon neut
ral. carbon
neutral by 2
by 2025. ca

build 1,500
new hom
es. build 1,5
00 new hom

ent oppor
tunities. ge

save cons
umed elec
tricity. save

reduce mater
ial waste. red
uce material
waste. reduce

We are committed to providing a safe place to work for every one of our workers.
We are an accredited BOPAS offsite Designer, Manufacturer & Builder.
Our Quality Management system is modelled on the ISO9001 certification system.