We’re seeking a qualified and competent Site / Project Manager.

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Boutique Modern is seeking a qualified and competent Site / Project Manager for a number of large scale projects. Working with an experienced team the role will interface with BM Office based staff including Designers, Production staff and Commercial Management, as well as an experienced team of modular installers with existing experience in modular delivery. The selected candidate will be responsible for all on-site operations from outset to completion and handover of the project including construction of foundations, installation of services, modular construction, cladding, common-parts and interior finishing, landscaping and project completion.

Role Requirements:

• Working with internal BM departments to assemble and develop holistic project Master Programmes including design, modular manufacturing, non- modular groundworks, construction and finishing works periods.

• Holding responsibility for the co-ordination and control of the project works on-site from the design stage, through to completion and the handover of the project to the client – Completing all tasks to BOPAS accreditation standard.

• Managing day to day operations on site, ensuring that the project is brought to a successful completion and meets the required time, budget and quality constraints.

• Ensuring timely management of any ad-hoc unforeseen delays.

• Regular monitoring and liaison with the Contracts Manager/Project Manager on the Master Programme and development of stage/section programmes as required.

• Liaising with the Commercial Manager/Production Director to ensure adequate labour and sub-contract resource is available on site utilising the agreed agency list.

• Carrying out site inductions and toolbox briefings to the site teams and sub-contractors.

• Planning and efficiently organising the site facilities and logistics, ensuring all equipment on site is fit for purpose and only operated by appropriately trained staff

• Fulfilling the role of Temporary Works Co-Ordinator on the project.

• Material requisitions for on-site plant, tools, hire, sundries, consumables, H&S equipment

• Organise and manage on-site deliveries

• Ensuring effective communication with the Design Team to ensure the timely release of design information.

• Supervising, managing and motivating all site team including effective management of sub-contractor activities on site ensuring they are engaged, on target and in line with the Master Programme.

• Ensuring workmanship and material standards are achieved in accordance with specifications, building regulations, health and safety legislation and quality standards.

• Ensuring site team and sub-contractors are following common operational standards.

• Maintaining comprehensive and accurate records of site activity including completing and documenting scheduled and spot-check process audits.

• Undertake Main Contractor Principal Contractor duties, establishing and compiling health and safety file, carrying out safety inspections, fulfilling H&S requirements including producing RA/MS, approving Sub-Contractor RA/MS, COSHH management, managing welfare facilities on-site.

• Controlling and monitoring site waste in accordance with the Company’s Site Waste Minimisation & Management Policy. Maintaining quality and environmental control procedures in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001.

• Maintaining good relationships with clients, design teams and neighbours as well as any other stakeholders.

• Maintaining in-depth and detailed knowledge of innovative construction techniques and products.

• Fulfilling the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives at all times.

•Providing critical input into operations and processes across the company, offering creative solutions and constructive criticism to areas of short-coming – Ensuring Boutique Modern maintains a culture of continual improvement across all areas and departments both internal and client facing, in-factory and on-site.

• Maintaining clear lines of communication between your department and all relevant surrounding departments.

• Maintaining discretion and confidentiality over all operations and systems within the company.

Required Qualifications:

• Valid SMSTS Certification or equivalent

• Valid CSCS Manager certification or equivalent

• Valid First Aid training certification

• Temporary Works management training

Previous work in volumetric modular site management is desirable.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract – Scope to lead to permanent employment as Project Manager.

Salary: £280.00-£310.00 per day


Please send applications and a copy of your CV to: careers@boutiquemodern.co.uk